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The Broken Eye review

Forward march on my reread of the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks! The Broken Eye is the third outing in the five book series that started as a trilogy. And, though this is still a strong fantasy book with a unique world and some great characters, the dragging out a trilogy into five books to show.

But let’s talk about what works. Always Gavin, one of the best characters ever written. Even in his fall from grace, and even as you learn more about his dark past, you still root for the bastard. Fair warning that he’s basically a prisoner for the entire book, but it works.

Andross continues to be as strong as pseudo villain, the powerful, manipulative patriarch of the Guile clan. Kip has his moments, too, as he falls into his own. He continues to develop and accept that he is someone special. Teia, and the Order of the Broken Eye is where the story stumbles for me. This covert organization seems almost... dumb in their inability to detect a ruse and be infiltrated so easily. On my first read, this storyline dragged and at least I'm consistent.

While I tore through the other two books, this one took longer. I feel like I kept falling asleep during some of the bigger info dumps. But, once I hit around 70%, the story really picked up and I couldn't put it down. Damn you, Gavin Guile!

I've moved right into Blood Mirror, and I hope I will see it much more favorably than last time. Almost to the Burning White... Guile family, unite!

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