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The Black Prism Review

I was inspired by the great Petrik Leo of Novel Notions infamy to do a reread of the series. I’d loved three of the four books of the se and thought it deserved another go (and another purchase, since I don’t use iBooks anymore. You’re welcome, Brent Weeks).

I’ve found that a lot of series don’t hold up upon reread. Maybe it is my dwindling optimism brought on by age and exhaustion. Or my tastes have changed over time. Maybe I’ve matured. Maybe regressed. I don’t know.

But I entered this reread with trepidation. You see, when I reread the Night Angel series, by the very same author, I ended uo near hating it. A big turnabout from my initial impressions.

Thankfully, the same didn’t happen with The Black Prism. I still loved the damn book. Some of my favorite characters—mostly Gavin—continue to be awesome. Kip can be irritating, and sometimes utterly unbelievable in his wish-fulfillment immaturity, but I like him despite that. It’s always fun to track a young character as he/she grows into his/her powers, and this is no exception. You root for him the entire time, and you feel legit bummed when bad things happen to Kip.

The magic system is probably my favorite out of all books I’ve read; very unique and well done. It is fully intertwined with the politics of the world, which is also fully realized. It’s clear that The Black Prism is setting the stage for something greater. I can’t imagine if I’d have had to wait for book 2 the first time I read this. Thankfully, I’ve already been able to roll right along.

I completely recognize that this book isn’t perfect. There are some irritants (really, is anyone THAT focused on boobs? Also, why’d we need pages describing period pain?), but they don’t overtly detract from the fun.

The short if it is: Read this.


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