• Mike Sliter

Summer Writing Update

The world's a crazy place right now, and has been for months. I think we are all learning a little bit about resilience, and some about humanity. And how a lot of those things are lacking across the world. I'm not going to go into depth in my views here, but know that I support #blacklivesmatter and will absolutely call out and condemn racism in a very public way. If you add me to your block list or do not read list because of that, THANK YOU.

Now, what you are here for. Updates! I've been making slow, but steady, progress on Faith Lost, Book 3 of Pandemonium Rising. It just hit 150K words, which puts it about about 600 pages long. And, I'd say it's 80% done. I've wrapped up four of the POVs, with only Merigold to go. She's the toughest, as those who are caught up on the series know that she is far, far from home and in a strange state. I am a pantser through and through, and I had no idea her story was going to end up how it did, so I'm trying to channel the plotter in me to create a compelling story. We all know that she needs to be back for the finale in book 4.

I identified a particular storyline for Merigold, wrote a few chapters, and decided that I wasn't excited about it. I wasn't enjoying writing her, and it didn't feel like Merigold. That could have been played off because of a major plot point, but I just didn't like it. So, I ended up ditching about 15K words, which was awfully tough to do. I am enjoying her new storyline a lot more, and I hope it will continue.

In Wisdom Lost, few of the POV characters had any interaction with one another, each intentionally telling a different perspective of a rising conflict. Most of the characters have crossed each other's path, albeit briefly (I think only Merigold and Hafgan are unacquianted), but their paths had largely diverged. Faith Lost will show them starting to come together. I won't give away any plot points, but you will see some reunions across their story lines. Some get pretty dark.

I've enjoyed writing most of this book. I think the biggest story belongs to Hafgan, who will be on the cover. But, there was an incredibly emotional moment for Fenrir and Ingla that, having set down writing for a while, hit me as impactful. I don't think any of the arcs will disappoint.

In terms of other projects, I just started writing the second Pandemonium Rising novella, which is a direct sequel to Valley of the Free. It picks up immediately after, with only a few days having passed. Tentatively titled "A Black Deal," it will continue Ferl's path of vengeance. I'm only about 2k words into it. With Valley being about 28k, that's still a sizable portion. And my goal is to write the whole thing on my phone in the wee hours before bedtime, leaving my computer time for Faith Lost. I believe that is about it. My reading has slackened this year, but I am finally getting back into it. I am making a concerted effort to support indie authors and Black authors this year, and you will see my reading list reflect that.


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