• Mike Sliter

Release Week

After six months of writing, a year of editing, and a few months of figuring out HOW to publish, Solace Lost hits the metaphorical, online shelves! I'm quite grateful that my family and friends supported me with this. And, I'm quite grateful that folks I haven't spoken with in years were willing to support this effort, too!

It's been a week since release, and about 30 or so copies have been claimed. Once I hit 50 copies, I'll be doing a giveaway of a few signed hard covers.

In the meantime, progress on Wisdom Lost has finally picked up. I'm about 330 pages in on the first draft. Things are proceeding a bit differently. Whereas Solace Lost was basically written in order, with me (largely) having the POV chapters planned out, I'm tackling Wisdom Lost one POV character at a time. Since there are two new POVs (sort of), this is helping me keep things straight, though I imagine there will be some changes. But, one entire storyline is complete (a familiar character, new POV), and Emma's storyline is hitting its final arc.

I'll be periodically updating this blog with progress, so if you are interested in the sequel, check here occasionally.


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