• Mike Sliter

Darkdawn: Tough to Rate

3.49 stars.

I just can’t quite bear to round this book to a four star rating. Darkdawn was a tough one for me. There was a ton that I liked, but almost an equal amount that didn’t resonate with me.

Let’s start with the good. The battle scenes and the fights continue to stun. You can see Mia blinking in and out of the shadows. You can feel the blood coating her hands and splattering on her face. A big chunk of the middle of the book dragged for me, but the scenes under the mountain, and the final battle scene, were fantastic.

I continue to love Mr. Kindly and Eclipse. The wit and the cleverness, combined with the interplay between the two, was a definite highlight. As well as Mia‘s relationship with Mercurio. As a father myself, it really hit home at times. I felt EMOTIONS!

As for what I didn’t like, A good 50% of the book felt like filler. The series has never been about the journey. As a result, the trip to the mountain felt low stakes and pretty cliche. My God am I sick of pirates in fantasy books. I know, blasphemy. I also still don’t care for the random, cringe-worthy sex scenes (still; I love sex, but just plot relevant sex). Tric felt like a one-trick pony (see what I did?) after being cool in the other books, and I never bought the Ashlinn romance since book two.

Even so, the final battle was so cool that it almost bumped this up to a four star rating, but the ending ending... it just fell flat for me. If the story ended a chapter earlier, I’d have been happier. It would have ended where it should have.

It pains me to award a three star rating to one of my most anticipated books of the year, but I must. Chances are, if you’ve gotten through the first two books, you’ll like this two. I’m fairly on an island, here, but that’s okay.


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