• Mike Sliter

Countdown to Solace Lost Release

It has been a while in coming--the release of Solace Lost. There are an immense number of moving parts to balance when releasing a book: the website, the cover art, uploading versions to different websites, creating and managing a launch team. Luckily for me, I'm surrounded by some great people.

I'm excited to have a chance to share Solace Lost with the world, particularly the characters. Fenrir, the disgruntled, charming, and unskilled criminal. Merigold, the sweet and tragic girl with a gift. Emma, the fiery-tempered servant of a great lady. And Hafgan, a nonhuman struggling to assimilate with humans, finding instead that he belongs nowhere. I have an inordinate amount of pride in being able to put this together, and, again, I am ever thankful for the people around me. My wife, of course. Katie has been a constant source of criticism and support. My beta readers (Bill, Morgan, Dominique, Adam,

Rita)--each of you contributed something of yourself into the final book. My editor, Jennifer Collins, my cover artist,

René Aigner, and my designer, Dave O'Meara. You tackled the details and the art, skills that I obviously lack.

I hope those of you who decide to take a chance on Solace Lost enjoy the story, and know that I am working hard on Wisdom Lost, book two of the series.


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