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Broad Reflections on the Last Year

Wow, apparently I have not written a blog since Solace Lost was released in 2018. It's been more than a year since then, and I've actually since released the sequel (Wisdom Lost) and written a novella in the same world (Valley of the Free).

When I released the first book, my support structure was limited to my immediate friends and family. I hadn't really embedded myself in the writing community because I didn't know how to do it (plus, I didn't really feel much like a writer). It was kind of a lonely thing, releasing a book into that great empty void of self-publishing. Then, there were no sales despite my amateurish attempts at marketing.

At my editor's suggestion, I entered the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off (SPFBO), not expecting much. Though I didn't even advance past the first round, I began to make connections with like-minded people who felt the same way I did. And, I liked these people! I started connecting with bloggers who were gracious enough to review Solace Lost, as well as kind folks from the TBRIndr program. A few positive reviews and a couple of diehard fans helped to build my confidence and momentum with writing Wisdom Lost and I am exceedingly happy of where that ended up. I've become so thankful to all of the great people in the community for being supportive and just all around decent people.

What I think has been really cool for me is that people seem to love different characters from the book. I think the most common favorite is Merigold, although I have had folks love Hafgan and Fenrir in equal measure. Emma is probably the least favorite, but people have altered that opinion when reading Wisdom Lost. Much of her story was about being an observer and learning in Solace Lost, whereas that changes in Wisdom Lost.

I am giving a vague promise to continue blogging more frequently to let you all know about progress. For progress:

Novellas: Valley of the Free, a Ferl's Company Novella, is completed at around 28K words. It is a story about the formation of the infamous Ferl's Company, and series fatihfuls will see some familiar faces. It is the first of four planned novels for Ferl's Company.

Pandemonium Rising: Faith Lost (Book 3) is around 20% done, or about 35K words. Of course, the going is fairly slow given how sprawling the series has become. Much of this story will be about bringing our main characters back together as they continue to change and develop. I don't say "grow," because that isn't always the case.

That's all I have for now. I'll try to do this again soon. Thanks to the fantastic writing community!


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