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Michael Sliter was born in the deep wilds of Cleveland, Ohio, where he fought off at least two siblings for scraps of pizza.  His bedroom, growing up, was a monument to fantasy, containing a stack of worn and well-read books, a medieval Lego civilization spanning half the room, and a very real sword circa World War II.  

Though always fascinated with the written word, Michael ended up with only a minor in writing, instead majoring in Psychology (Hiram College, OH).  He later went on to complete his M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (Bowling Green State University, OH)—overall spending a larger portion of his life than strictly necessary in school.  Following, Michael was a psych professor for a time, and then moved into the real world to help organizations hire the right people.

He attempted to write some childish fantasy novels in the past, all abandoned as derivative refuse.  It wasn’t until his daughter was born that he decided to begin writing in earnest.  The outcome is the Pandemonium Rising series, currently 50% complete with Solace Lost and Wisdom Lost having been published.  It explores complex psychological themes of isolation, coping with trauma, faith, warfare, prejudice, magic, explosions, and fantastical violence.  Also more magic, plus a couple more explosions.  

Today, you can find Michael back in the Cleveland area, where he lives with his wife, daughter, and chiweenie.  They are quite tolerant of his writing, reading, and racquetball habits. 

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