Michael Sliter is the author of the Pandemonium Rising Series.  The first two books, SOLACE LOST and WISDOM LOST, are both out now.  FAITH LOST, the third book, is in process. 

If you'd like to keep up with progress and updates, please visit follow Michael on Facebook and Twitter.   If you are interested in SOLACE LOST, but not ready to buy, check out a couple of sample chapters on the Excerpts page.  He trying to blog more.  Really.


It’s really quite good.

-Bookworm Daydreamer

Great story telling, compelling characters, complex motives and factors at play. The world is immersive and interesting. 

-Amazon Reviewer on SOLACE LOST

The book takes the time to develop multiple story lines with deep characters and culminates with all the story lines coming together into a final crescendo that will leave the reader wanting more.

Amazon Reviewer on SOLACE LOST


Wondering how close Mike is to finishing the next book?  Here's your quick update!

Wisdom Lost (Book 2 of Pandemonium Rising): Out Now!

Faith Lost (Book 3 of Pandemonium Rising): 30% Written

Valley of the Free: A Ferl's Company Novella:  Editing



During times of war, no one goes unscathed.  By Ultner, even in times of peace, few can escape suffering.  Ardia is on the brink of civil war, though most citizens are woefully unaware of this fact.  

Fenrir de Trenton, a disgraced guardsman-turned-ineffective-criminal, is accustomed to taking orders.  So much so that, despite the danger, he finds himself neck-deep in the politicking of his current superiors as well as the rulers of the country.  The fact that Fenrir’s father would rather see him dead doesn’t help matters.

Emma Dram, a handmaiden of the great Lady Escamilla, hates Fenrir with a fiery passion and with good reason: he lopped off most of her hand.  Nonetheless...



Ardia is fractured, torn apart by civil war initiated by deceit. Florens has fallen, and the rebel army of Lady Escamilla has been scattered by the Feral. Little stands in the way of the Rostanians and their ruthless rulers seizing the entire country. Amidst this rising conflict, four people seek to stem this tide. Or, to simply survive. 

Fenrir, also called the Bull, Coldbreaker, Dukeslayer, and sometimes bastard, has the worst kind of luck. Instead of being dead, pierced by a dozen swords, he finds himself under the control of the most horrible person he knows: his father. And an unwelcome family reunion is made more unpleasant as clandestine and legitimate powers vie for the rule of Rostane.

Meanwhile, Hafgan Iwan...

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